Muse's Corner

Hmm! In case I feel unbearably poetic...
Si jamais la muse m'agrippe....

To You


If I were a poet I'd write an ode to you
If I could write music I'd try to sing it too.

A painter would paint you with a stroke of gold
All I can do is praise your greatness to behold.

You are no stranger to my world
Today however I felt your charms unfold.

I let you hold me in your arms of fire
You've always known how to inspire.

So let me see inside your heart of gold
Mysterious and warm and bold.

Caress me with your warmth, my lover
There's still so much in you I can discover.

So much of you there is to adore
To you I dream one day to soar.

There's much today I've left undone
So I can dreamily bask in you, my autumn sun.

Autumn Sun

Gotcha! Not a love poem, is it?