Muse's Corner

Hmm! In case I feel unbearably poetic...
Si jamais la muse m'agrippe....



Strange how I can't remember
The color of your eyes.
You didn't look at me when we said our good-byes.

I need to bring you back
From your deep hiding place
Where you have disappeared without any trace.

Maybe my mind plays tricks
And all has been illusion
And you have played no part in this dreamy confusion.

The trouble is I miss you,
No reason why you'd care,
Saying it out loud, I'd never even dare.

It's something left unfinished
No starting point, somehow,
No then, no ever, yet strangely, there was once a now.

Perhaps it's only me
Confused about the past
And I can't even see how daydreams never last.

I think back over time,
I don't know what to think
At times it looked like maybe there was a link.

And then you go away
Into your hiding place
Again I only see the shadows on your face.