Muse's Corner

Hmm! In case I feel unbearably poetic...
Si jamais la muse m'agrippe....



A little absurd, but there you have it. Sometimes absurdity goes hand in hand with the poetic process and even defines it. Certainly seems to apply here.

So there I was, thinking aloud,
As usual, alone in a crowd,
When with the corner of my eye
I saw this guy.

No way, said I and rubbed my eye,
He couldn't be, not him, oh my!
He's just a figment of my mind
I'd left behind.

But right past me he walked on fast,
A vision springing from the past
And once again he slipped away
As I cried Hey!

On waking up I felt a rush
Of memories from an old crush.
He couldn't ever have been mine,
Not at that time.

Nor could I ever have been his,
The funny way life is.
But now it is too late
And such is fate.

Now here I am, thinking aloud,
As usual, alone in a crowd:
You're just a figment of my mind
You left behind.