Muse's Corner

Hmm! In case I feel unbearably poetic...
Si jamais la muse m'agrippe....

I Wish


I had a nice surprize some years ago when Danish composer Jens Bæk Nielsen and US singer Kelly Bucher recorded a song using my poem I Wish as lyrics.

You look outside and see your world
In shades of black and gray
I wish you'd see today
The rainbow's colors swirl.

Rainbow's Colors Swirl

I wish you'd find a happy tune
To dance and sing along
It would help right the wrong.
You'll have to hear it soon.

I want so much to help you heal
You've got to let me try
I hear you when you cry
I feel just what you feel.

I've seen the brighter side of you
I want to bring it out
Get rid of all that doubt
Let the sun shine through.

Let go the sadness and the fear
Look up to the blue sky
Turn on the sparkle in your eye
Cherish the now and here.