Muse's Corner

Hmm! In case I feel unbearably poetic...
Si jamais la muse m'agrippe....

Déjà Vu


Just a bit more nonsense to pass the time.

I see the wind ruffling your hair
The sun reflected in your eye
I feel there's something there
And I can reach it if I try.

I let it slip away ...
Maybe it was a vision.
There goes another day
Of wavering indecision.

The mind's a strange place
To live in make-believe
In its infinite space
So easy to deceive.

A world of leisure
Where senses blend
Time has no measure
No beginning and no end

There'll be perhaps another time
Where our minds can meet
With no hurdles to climb
No mistakes to repeat.

It's just a déjà vu
It's meant to be a test
Nothing for me to do
But put it all to rest.